Congratulations!  You or someone you love is getting married!  The wedding planning adventure is an exciting one, but it can also be expensive as I'm sure you might have realized.  When it comes to flowers, there can be a huge range in pricing, so the first step to saving money is selecting how you will order your flowers.  If you are looking for ways to save, but still want beautiful, real flowers, perhaps a bulk order or seasonal, market available flowers might be the way to go!

Choosing your flowers ... 

There are three options when selecting flowers for your wedding or special event:


Large orders of flowers by type or colour at a discounted rate.  Most popular & cost effective  option!

See Pricing Information for available options.



Order in flowers by bunch or stem as available by season.

This option is for couples looking for a very specific type of flower or colour.




I have links to many local growers and retailers and pick up flowers the week of your wedding/event in your colour palette.  I cannot guarantee flower types as I am at the whim of what is available - but a popular option to save money as an alternative to special order.